Monday, 28 May 2012

Lazy day

Well it's Monday and instead of heading out to work or indeed heading down to the pool , so far today I have stayed in my room, (local time is 12.28).  I really can't be bothered today.

Perhaps it's a British thing but I am bored of the heat, (this room is air conditioned), bored of sunshine and I just don't feel like going very far.  I will do soon though as I will need to go out for lunch.  It would seem extravagant and lazy especially when the restaurants here have a lovely selection to order room service.

Before I came away I had plans of doing many things but as I have to buy wifi at 30 minute intervals it could work out very expensive and, I guess I am supposed to relax on holiday.  I have relaxed a little here, I've also read quite a few study papers though on cancer and various other things I have been meaning to read for some time so I've not totally avoided the things I promised myself I would do.

One thing which I have found to be a real blessing and a total saviour of my sanity is FaceTime.  I  am loving it.  It has made such a difference being able to chat face to face with Jonathan every night.  He's very busy at the moment with various films he's making, right now he is trying to promote a film he did for a local council.  Oldham have released a new 'App' which helps kids find what's on in their area over the summer holidays, If you get chance to hit like on the following link, it's appreciated (you may need to copy and paste into a new window).  

He does a lot of different films for websites, he had done over 40 films in the first quarter of this year.  When I have Internet etc I will share more of his stuff with you but his website is and there's a showreel there too plus a few other films he's done.  The variety is huge.  Like I said though I will write more about that when I have Internet and can give you links, unless of course he comments below with some links... Hmm

Anyway, I guess I ought to dress and go out and face the world, until next time. Be good and take care!

M x
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  1. #1) I can totally empathize, Mark, with your dislike for the heat-and-the-BUGS (mosquitoes)!!............ i.e., also having these *wretched* menopausal hot flashes o' mine, (haha!!) certainly doesn't help me, in this MUGGY Pennsylvania heat that we've already been having (so EARLY) this year!!

    #2) Jonathan's new 'App' which helps kids find what's on in their area over the Summer holidays is just (in my humble opinion) absolutely *w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l.*!! I particularly like not only the *neat* "falling stars graphics"; but also (at 1:06) where the little blonde girl~~(aspiring actress that she is!!)~~says, "I love coming from Oldham, because we're all unique here!!" I understand, of course, that probably was in the little girl's script, but her voice very-convincingly "means" the words!! (Not to mention the all-inclusive Message Of Diversity And Acceptance that seems to underlie the script, too!!)

    #3) Excerpted from your post of Sunday, 27 May 2012:

    "Love deeply and forgive quickly,
    take chances, give everything,
    and have no regrets."

    'Just lovely, Mark; (and precisely what I'm working on, too, i.e., about having *no* regrets in Life)!!