Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Wandering Widower Wanders Some More

Well it"s not been quite so long since my last post which is a bonus I guess as I know some people get a little miffed when I forget or omit to post a blog.

When I wrote last I was feeling a little blue. There are many reasons I guess but the good news is that I have been a lot better since then.

On friday I was later for work. My alarm went off at the right time but I fell asleep again and woke after 9.15. I am usually in the office before 9. Not a great start to the day and, it didn't get a lot better either.

After work I decided to go out and have a wander through the shops. There was nothing I needed but I just fancied a wander. I did manage to get some Issey Miyake aftershave though in one shop which had around £10 off the usual price, bargain! Because it reminds me so much of Steve, it's a favourite anyway and it brings thoughts of happy times I bought some, especially since I had run out of this at Christmas.

Strange thing is though just smelling it takes me, in my mind, to being stood aside Steve's open coffin and gazing down at him. Not perhaps a great thought for many people but it doesn't bother me, I suppose in a way thats not a bad memory because at tat point Steve was no longer in pain of suffering, it was just us suffering and in pain due to his loss. I'll still enjoy wearing the fragrance though.

On Saturday I was up early and out just after 7am to catch a tram in to town for the start of my weekend trip. Whilst buying my ticket and waiting for the machine to spit it out the tram had pulled up behind me and drove off before the machine dispensed my ticket - bugger! I was annoyed at the tram driver who clearly saw me!

There was another along though within 10 minutes so not too long a wait. Some may question why I bought a ticket as nobody really checks but, after the inspectors got on the tram I was on (and were clearly working that line for the day), I was pleased I did. I wouldn't fancy a fine.

My tram pulled in to Piccadilly at 8.26 and my train was due to leave at 8.26... Bugger I thought, the trip in had taken a lot longer than usual as it seemed there were problems due to frost with slow signalling etc.

I had checked the time of the next train en route so had a contingency in mind but, I trotted up to the platform all the same and, by a stroke of luck the train was delayed to 8.34 so I joined the crowd assembled.

To cut a long story short due to signalling issues en route the train didn't leave until 9.10 and then was terminated early for us to get on a rail replacement service between Huddersfield and Leeds then catch a further train to our final destination at Leeds.

The bus which was to collect us at Huddersfield was late, there were hundreds of people there and there was no organisation at all by the station staff, it really was a scramble and each man, woman r child for themselves. We were in the cold for easily 45 minutes which was more than slightly annoying. First Transpennine Rail were shockingly bad.

I eventually got to York almost two hours late. There was no point getting stressed about it as there was nothing I could do and it would be no different had I taken the car and there had been an accident on the motorway but what was bad was how poorly organised the rail company were. A shambles would be an understatement.

Once (finally) delivered to York I met with my friend and we went to Patisserie Valerie for a coffee and cake.

After that we had a wander around the city walls of York and did a little browsing through the many winding streets through the city before stopping for another coffee and snack and then heading back to my friends house for dinner.

Last night was sat and ate a lovely meal and had a good old natter over a bottle of wine and a G&T. We didn't stay up late as we were both zonked from an early start and a tiring day.

Today has really been a lazy day, after a cooked breakfast we just relaxed really and enjoyed not having a busy schedule. It's very relaxing there, in the middle of the countryside it's very quite, no distant hum like I get in the city.

Right now I am in the train home, again it's nice to let someone else drive whilst I sit here and catch up on my blog and generally do very little. I'm signing off for now but will be back soon....

That puts me in mind of a song from Oliver the musical where Fagin sings to the lads, "Cheerio but be back soon..." I can't remember much else but you get the

Bye for now,

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