Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The expedition continues

Here I am again with another early blog. Yep, I got up early this morning and trundled off to the train station. I decided to make a trip on the train back to where I used to live. It was an odd feeling.

That's not bad considering I was up until late last night. I left the restaurant after dinner, (I opted for Italian in the end) and headed off to the oldest gay bar in Cardiff, The Golden Cross. I wouldn't have usually but I wasn't ready for bed so a few vodkas and then I set off for the hotel and bed.

This morning I got off the train at Hengoed and then walked down to Ystrad Mynach where I stopped for breakfast and a coffee. From there I got back on the train to Caerphilly.

There I decided to get some flowers and visit my grandparents. My grandfather died in 1986 and my grandmother in 1993 so there wasn't a lot of conversation but I felt I needed to go.

It was tough being there but, crying at the graveside for relatives that died 18 and 25 years ago was therapeutic I think. I certainly do feel better for it and I suppose I am hoping they are looking after Steve for me and the flowers are a small thank you. It would also have been my Grandmothers 78th birthday on Friday, the same day as Steve and I would have celebrated being married for 5 years. Isn't it funny how life gets in the way of plans.

From there u wandered around Caerphilly, hoping for a break in the weather so I could get the camera out. It didn't come. I headed back to Cardiff.

It was still raining so I went to the museum, I can't remember the last time I went but it was interesting.

After that I headed back to the hotel for a rest but after a short nap and a brew I went for a walk around the castle park. It was lovely and nice to see the autumnal colours, I love the reds, oranges and browns of the leaves at this time of year. I took a few pictures and will add them here when I get home as iProducts don't support photo uploads to blogger.

Tonight I have been to the bay for dinner with the gays, we had a wander round and are now visiting drinking establishments frequented by homosexual brethren, till tomorrow xxx M xxx

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  1. Hi. I don't comment much (at all) but I keep reading your updates. Just a quick comment about blogger. I use an app called Blogpress which will let you upload photos to Blogger. I use it for my ipad2 but I assume it works with iphone too?