Tuesday, 27 September 2011

PISSED OFF!!! Fuming!!! ANGRY!!!

I am so Pissed Off right now I feel like smashing things and shouting and screaming and GRRRRRRRRRR!!!  I could cry too....

Today has been a shit day.  Work was OK but I called British Gas about my account at the other property I let out, (or used to let out it is currently vacant).  the property has been empty since before Steve died so at least 4 or 5 months now.

They keep sending bills and I keep phoning to advise there is nobody living there so therefore there should be no bill due. Also, as the previous tenant left she obviously gave the contact details for the landlord as Steve or Mark, I am not sure whether it is her foreign accent or that of the person in the call centre but this has now meant the bill is in the name of Mr Steve Omark.  I have tried on many occasions to get this corrected, last month they seemed to understand, (I thought it may actually get done this time as the person I spoke to was in the UK and spoke good English).  but NO.  Fcukwits!

The bills are continuing in the name of this fictitious person.  Additionally, as I have not paid the ESTIMATED bill (for a property empty and not consuming any fuel)I have now had a letter advising me they are going to force entry to disconnect the supply.  Well firstly I don't give a toss if the supply is disconnected, at least I wont have to deal with the Fcukwits again but I do care about possible damage to the property.

I called again and after speaking to someone whose understanding of what I was saying was non existent I asked to speak to a manager.  Attitude!?!?  I have never heard one as bad as his, again I doubt this person was in the UK so had no comprehension of what I was saying, he was difficult and rude and when I asked to be put through to the complaint department I was told to "go online".  When i told him he was being rude and difficult I was told.... "Whatever"..... I was SO annoyed.  I hung up and called back and spoke to someone different, initially I mentioned my complaint and he asked why I wanted to complain then asked why I had called in the first place.  When I explained to him why I was calling he hung upon me!!!  I was calling from a land line to another land line so I will not accept it was merely a problem with the "phone signal".

I was furious, I couldn't speak further I was just exasperated by the whole thing, I went online and made a complaint and stated my "issue".  I doubt anything will be done.  British Gas, Big Fat Fail!!! If I decide to keep the property the supplier is being changed as is the supplier at home.  Also, "British Gas" is a contradiction in terms, it may be supplied in Britain but there was nothing "British" about the service (or lack of) received today.

At home the man from Virgin has been out to fix our Internet today, it was working before I went away but it seems something went wrong whilst I was away.  My Sister and her Hubby were here at the weekend so he looked at it and made the necessary arrangements for the man to come and fix it today.

It seems there was something wrong with our router, he has swapped it for a new shiny one.  Wonderful.  my Mum made sure before he left that she could get on the Internet so it seemed to pass the test and when I got home the Internet man had gone and all seemed well.

That was until my Mum tried to sort her eBay stuff this evening.  You might recall my post a few weeks ago about technology and how stressed I was with the whole wireless printing, this from someone who Steve referred to as a "geek" not long before he died, (that was because I bought a new iPhone 4 and was sucked in to the iWorld).  Anyway, Mother has 2 printers, (we have one so 3 in total).  All of which are wireless.  Oh joy!!!

I have lost a whole evening tonight trying to get the wireless printers to work, trying to get the desktop PC to work, My Mum's laptop and Dad's laptop work and connect to the Internet no problem, mine wont!  I have not looked at Steve's yet to see if that does.  I am SO frustrated.  Right now I am connected via my phone, not the best but right now I have a broadband connection I can't access! 

I managed to resolve the printing issue for my Mum though, we have a wire!  Connect printer to Laptop and hey presto printed words.  The techie geeky nerdy stuff was Steve's department, he understood it as does my brother in law.  It will have to wait till he visits next which, I am told might not be for some time, maybe not even before Christmas.

I will try to connect my PC to the Internet router thing tomorrow, I will also go to the attic to find a wire, it's a shit solution but I really cannot cope with the amount of stress the whole thing is causing, it's a computer FFS!!!  they are supposed to make life easier, not mine, they are just causing me more stress, more frown lines and damaged teeth as I grind them in anger.

I am fed up now, angry, sad, frustrated, disappointed and missing Steve like mad as he is the one person I know could fix it and would have the patience to fix it and who I trusted completely and who understood how stressful this all is for me and would just take it all away from me.

Steve, just thinking back to this time last year, well not this date but 25th Sept last year.  Steve had been discharged from hospital on 24th September and had said he fancied a 'chippy tea' (Takeaway I guess would be the nearest thing for our American friends).  when we got home Mother had made food so we didn't get our chippy tea but, as he really wanted it we decided to go on Saturday.

Usually at the chip shop Steve would go in and order, he wanted to again but I went with him, remember he had just come out of hospital from having major brain surgery 3 days prior on 22nd September and was wearing a nasty wound and 37 staples in his head.
  After ordering we stood in line and waited for our food to be cooked.  We chatted and then when our order was done we took it and left.

When we got back to the car Steve asked, "did you hear that woman?"  I said no and then he explained how he has heard her turn to her friend and say "eeeew look at his head.... that's disgusting".  That hurt Steve, she was right and he knew it didn't look pleasant but she was so thoughtless.  I was about to go back and have a go at the woman for her thoughtless hurtful comments but Steve didn't want me to fuss.  I wish I knew who she was  so I could go and tell her how hurtful her comment was and how ignorant I think she is.  Probably best I don't know though.

Well it's just tipped past midnight, I was hoping to be in bed for 11 at the latest, hmmm another nights plans ruined.  On the plus side though I am SO happy to have my iToys to keep me connected!

Until next time xxx M xxx

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