Saturday, 9 July 2011

Second blog of the day...

Well this is my second blog of today now.  I know technically it is after midnight but Steve always said it is not tomorrow until you have been to bed, so it is still yesterday... if you get my drift?

Today has been a long day. I was up pretty early and had loads to do, I don't think I have done it all, I certainly forgot to go to the post office, I stayed in all day and I am sure there was more on my list (in my head) that needed doing but hey ho, there is always tomorrow.

Today I have been mainly working on the foundations of Steve's legacy, it seems odd writing about it but not saying what IT is but you will understand, I want it to be right before everyone sees it, I know Steve would be chuffed with what we have done so far but there is a lot more to do.

This weekend I am not sure what I have planned, hopefully a walk at some point, it has been raining today so it will be a chance to wear the wellies we bought for Crick. Thinking of that has just reminded me that I need a boot jack and some more wellie socks.

If I do go out I will take the camera, not sure where I will walk to though but I guess there are lots of places I can go to although I do have plenty of other things to occupy my time.

I had an email from work today, nothing heavy but I've been told there are BIG changes, I don't know what that means though. Even when I was in the office I was the last to know, we would have new staff and I would not get introduced to them until their second or third week. I don't know what "BIG changes" means but you can guarantee if it is that big a change it hasn't been decided since I have been off, it will have been "in the offing" for a while, why the secrecy though?  Hmm, not going to worry about it, I have too much else on my mind right now.

I put some music on earlier, really the first time since Steve died.  It went off pretty soon after it went on, I just can't tolerate noise or distraction right now so silence is king, seems odd for an Ex DJ to say they prefer silence but I do.

Not a lot else to report, it's been a crap weather day, heavy downpours then glorious sun, I hope I don't get caught in a downpour if I go out with the camera tomorrow....

Anyways goodnight and I'll see ya tomorrow...

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