Tuesday, 12 July 2011

It seems for some reason the end of my last message is missing so here it is.... Remember this fits after my last post, oh the joy of mobile communications....

For me this represents Steve, he had beautiful blue eyes, flashes of lots of different blues and so sparkly and twinkly, especially when he was being naughty so this sparkly bracelet reminds me of his lovely eyes.  The angel wing charm us the same as he bought me not long after his diagnosis last year. He said I was like his angel so he wanted me to wear angel wings, I wear them on a necklace.

The sentiment behind this means a lot to me, to anyone else it is a row of crystal beads but to me it is a reminder, it sits on my wrist just next to the tattoo I had done there to remember Steve by before the funeral.  Both are in my line of sight many many tea a day and both make me think happy thought of Steve.

Well folks its been a long day, still have stuff to do and need to be up for 6am so I will say goodnight..... Goodnight x


  1. LOVE the bracelet, we had a conversation about special jewellery etc the other day (I think!) and this certainly fits the bill!

    Today has been a tough day for me, I feel silly for getting so upset about it now (after all people get far worse news than this everyday :-( ) But, despite all you are going through you not only took a huge job off my shoulders, you also too the time to send me that little collage/note on Facebook which really made me smile.

    Thank you for everything Mark. Thinking of you and 'ole blue eyes xxx

  2. Hello Mark,
    I have been reading your blogs for many weeks now, and i am amazed at your strength and conviction to continue through the thick fog of grief.
    When i read about your thoughts and feelings, i have to stop and remind myself that i am being given a very special gift, the insight of a greiving person who has loved and belonged to the "other" half of their soulmate. This is a gift to me because is a constant reminder of the luck i am experiencing by being able to enjoy my soulmate, my "other" half, Alison.
    you have been able to express your soul on how you have loved Steve, lived for Steve, and functioned with Steve, and it is like you are reading my mind, and expressing my own feelings of my soul mate too.
    Mark, i have seen you grow up, but now i watch you grow even taller as you fight through the pain and sorrow you are living with as you learn to live alone, but love as a couple of rever.
    I love you Mark, i thank you for being my Wonderful Nephew, and only wish i had the capacity to be able to give you relief for one day in your hurting and sorrow.
    you are inspiring people, i am just sorry it comes from such a painful place, but be sure of such good that you are doing.
    I look forward to seeing you soon, remember, it is just that you can't see Steve, but he's with you, that i am sure.

    Angela xxxxxxxxxxxxx