Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Steve's Cooking

I've just come off the phone to Steve's Mum, she mentioned my blog from last night and also told me how the big picture she has of Stephen fell off the wall at 5.30 this morning.  Nothing spooky, we just think the picture was too big or heavy for the hook that was used.  Even if he could I doubt he would push a picture off the wall.

It reminded me though I messed a bit out of my blog last night.  As I said Steve's Mum came down last night as usual for dinner.  I had been to check the freezer etc earlier in the day and decided I would just use up a ready meal Steve and I bought for those nights where you just can't be bothered cooking.  Not because I couldn't be bothered but because I was busy sorting out.

Anyway, when we popped out yesterday we bought some garlic bread to go with the meatballs and wedges ready meal.  Anyway, long story short, despite following instructions, the wedges cooked far too quick, the meatballs were too slow so had to stay in a little longer but the garlic bread got a black coating around the edges.  I insisted it wasn't burnt as Stephen would have done the same, I'll explain.

Since moving to this house some 5½ years ago Steve has had quite a few cooking disasters.  I say in this house because in the previous place when he cooked I don't recall him having that many disasters, mainly because he was home first so food was ready when I got home and any disaster would or may have been sorted before I got home.

Here though there have been many.  Not that his cooking got worse but he used to get distracted, he would pop something in the oven, on the hob, or under the grill, usually on a high heat "so it cooks quicker" then go back to whatever he was doing, get completely distracted and before you know it the bottom of the pan etc would be burnt.  Steve always said that the burnt bits were good for you or that they were not burnt they were just well done or slightly dark...

The same thing happened to Steve's Mum and I last night, we put the food in and got distracted (looking at cremation urn's on the Internet) and before we knew it we had a meal which resembled one of Stephens.  Not we can't be sure if he has had any influence in this at all (we wouldn't want to admit blame would we) but it did make us giggle, it felt like him having a joke with us so that's where we'll leave it.  I guess I could lots of things to disprove our theory but I don't want to.

It's strangely comforting to attribute odd things, coincidences, or strange goings on to someone close who has passed away.  It sort of keeps them here.  I know he is not and I desperately wish he was but I also know no amount of wishing and hoping will do that but it still doesn't stop me from hoping that soon I will wake up and this will have all been a horrible dream.

I'm not sure what today has on the cards, I think I might empty the car, it's going soon and I will get a banger.  I don't need a fancy new car, it was just for peace of mind knowing I was unlikely to break down with Steve and make him late for a hospital appointment or have him waiting around for recovery when he is poorly.  I don't need to worry about that so just an old banger will do.  I hope I don't owe much, or if I do I hope it is not a lot but it's something that needs sorting soon.

Well I am going to dash for now, my quick update has been a little longer than expected.
I'll write later hopefully,

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  1. These are the precious moments, the ones that help us through our darkest days. I'm glad you enjoyed your lunch, I shall have to get you to make H.E.C. for me when you visit ;) Thinking of you as always xxx