Tuesday, 17 May 2011

For Sale

Well its official, the house is for sale...

We arrived back this evening and there it was in the garden the for sale
sign - now as the regular readers will know we have instigated this not just
random for sale signs appearing in the garden.

Its odd seing it there, and will be a constant reminder to get our arses
into gear and sort things out., whereas before it was a case of we will do
it eventually, eventually is now so OPPERATION HOUSE SALE AND DOWNSIZE is

Have been in the office today for a couple of hours but because I was tired
when I went in I was tired by 3pm. I didn't sleep last night as Mark was
snoring and I eventually went into the other room, I then couldn't get
comfortable but I did eventually nod off.

Hopefully I will sleep much better tonight. Mark is feeling slightly better
too so that should help. Otherwise I will be in the other room again

Headaches have stayed away for three days so far, they have literally
disappeared as quick as they appeared, so no more painkillers for me for the
time being.

I do carry them with me though wherever I go, that and my antibacterial
waterless hand wash sprays, I do have an OCD I know, but I'm not worrying
about it.

I have booked us into the Crick Boat show at the end of the month, this is
THE boat show to go to apparently for Narrow boats etc, so we will get a
good idea of t hypes of boats out there as we think we know what we want but
we have decided to go and test run a few first, we may change our mind of
what we want when we have been on a few.

Other than that not much else to report today, life is returning back to
normal strangely and have slowly set up a new routine of working from home
and the office.

Will update tomorrow.


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