Sunday, 15 May 2011

end of the weekend.

Today has been a slow but random day again.

Woke up late this morning as we all fancied a bit if a lay in. Not bad
really as it is Sunday the day of rest....

Anyway, once we were all up and running, I did today's sales from eBay and
got them ready for posting tomorrow and responded to a number of email

We then headed off to the warehouse for some stationery bits and bobs and
then off over to Harolds for his surprise birthday party.

Natalya and Mark both had to eat so they could take their medication (I was
ok I was just hungry) so we stopped of at a carvery on the way.

Finally managed to get to Harold's around 5pm. Now I can honestly say I
haven't had headache all day, and I have had no painkillers all day so
that's a really good start. I'm just hoping the last few weeks have been
changes in my head and they are now settling down, t could also be the
Steroids I'm have slowly been reducing them so I could have come to a level
my body is comfortable at and I can now go down to the next level reducing
my intake even more.

Mark is still a little under the weather, I haven't had any signs of his
sore throat though - although kissing is out of the question for the time

My intake of immune system supplements and vitamins etc have been stepped up
a little whilst Mark is ill just to be on the safe side, he is also on a
course of antibiotics as an added precaution.

We have to drop Natalya off at the train station early tomorrow morning so
its early night for us all, long day for her to get not very far in relative
terms, but matching trains, boats and busses adds hours to your journey.

Will update again tomorrow.


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