Thursday, 19 May 2011

End of the day

Well its the end of the day again and its been a nice day.

We finished work today and headed off to the cinema to see the new Pirates
of the Caribbean in 3D.

We used to go regular but for some reason or another we have ended up
missing out for a while, but is something we hope to keep up with.

The film is amazing by the way.

I have had headache though today which has disappointed me, however I did
stress myself out with my PC as it was so slow and didn't work right because
it needs an update which IT have to do remotely, will get it done tomorrow

eBay has been busy again tonight and both myself and Tanja have been getting
post ready for tomorrow, Lawrence will drop it in at the post office
tomorrow. No sooner had I packaged all today's sales than more came in which
will now have to go the following day.

Mark has also completed the first two of the up-cycled cushions that we will
be adding to the range, these will be heading out in the next few days as we
already have orders for them.

Mark is feeling and sounding lots better, although the bug is still there so
I'm still on increased immune boosting supplements to help me avoid the bug.

Am heading off to bed now, I know another late night but I haven't stopped
this evening since we got home, I do feel better for it though as I haven't
given in to the tiredness, that and I haven't actually been that tired.

Will update more tomorrow.


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