Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Back to the city

Well, we arrived back home yesterday afternoon, and we were both shattered.

All the fresh air really does take it out of you, that and we didn't get
much sleep as the wind kept us both awake. Now Mark will tell you that it
was me snoring and I will say it was him snoring but it was the wind as we
decided to pitch the tent below a huge tree, so even the slightest of
breezes made a huge amount of noise. Point learned I think.

So yesterday afternoon was simply a case of lugging all the stuff in from
the car, putting the tent over the washing line to dry out and take it easy.
Justian a friend was supposed to pop by, but neither of us would have been
much company as we were just so tired.

We really enjoyed the boat show but it has made me think lots this weekend
about my illness, I can honestly say that I have thought about having cancer
more in the last 3 days than I have in a long time.

It started when we saw a boat we liked but as with most boats, they are
purpose built, and can take upto 16 months for delivery.

I know I am thinking positive about my prognosis, but that's more than I
have been given, there is little point me planning t get a boat hand built
to our standards in 16 months and then not making it. It would be so much
nicer to actually have the boat now and enjoy the time that I have now, if
then in 5 years or so we want another boat then we can go and get another
bigger better boat.

Like having a fire extinguisher, its always there but something you don't
need 99% of the time, but the day you don't have it there's a fire, that's
my way of thinking at the moment. Planning of my funeral has gone the same
way, if I plan it all now, I can stick it in a box and then forget about
it, at least its done and nobody can argue about what I want, but its also
something I hope I will not need for a while, I hope you get my drift.

Talking to people this weekend has also made me think I am facing the whole
thing pretty strong and head on. I can talk about my illness, my prognosis
and issues surrounding it very easy. At times I can even laugh about the
situation and make light out of the situation.

There is a T-Shirt somewhere that says basically "I'm in it for the Parking"
and shows a a picture of a blue badge. I do agree though that this is in bad
taste, but I do tell people that you get cancer and you get a free parking
space, this is my way of making light of a bad situation.

This week we have a pretty busy week coming up, which is both good and bad.
Tomorrow is my monthly visit to the Christie for my monthly chemo treatment,
this is also my last treatment in the current plans, I don't know what the
next step is, will find out tomorrow, as they have said there is no set
plans its a case of see what happens with this cycle, so I leave it to their
decision (this is the same for all the other patients I have chatted too.)

So from tomorrow for 5 days I will be on chemo, and I hipe like last month
that it passes without issue.

Thursday we are off to the theatre to see Avenue Q, which was a gift from my
parents, were both looking forward to it, as a number of the songs in the
show we used to perform in our show, so will be interesting to see how its
supposed to be done....

We will also fit in some more eBay stuff in there as like I said the other
day, looking at all the boats has shown us one thing, we really can't take
that much stuff with us, so need to start clearing out now.

I might cut my hair tonight as its getting long but the bald part over my
scar is still a little thin, I am hoping that if I cut it all shorter it
will all look the same length.

Anyway am supposed to be working so will sign off and might update later.


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