Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Well today has been another day of food and shopping, so it must still be

We wanted to pop the Trafford Centre, this was the biggest mistake of the
day as everyone else in Manchester decided to do the same thing.

I have actually felt a lot better today and the aching I have been suffering
from has subsided a little. I'm still plodding on though and moving round
does actually help so just popping to the sales is good for me, but my head
just isn't into it (this would be the same no matter what health I was in,
as I just hate gormless people that walk around shopping centres with not a
care in the world)

The sales are not that good anyway so you're not missing anything if you
haven't been yet.

Tomorrow is going to be a relating day as we have nothing at all planned,
then my mum is down in the evening so back to a normal week more or less.

Anyway am going to sign off as its late and I need to go o bed, although I
must admit for having an hour's nap this afternoon whilst watching the TV
(Mark did the same)


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