Monday, 27 December 2010


Well the end of Boxing Day is upon us, and am feeling FAT

I cant believe how much food we have managed to consume in the last 48
hours, and there is still mountains of the stuff in the kitchen.

Today we have joined the rest of the world am sure and popped out to the
sales. Now why is it that jumper/pair of shoes/new food blender or whatever
it is that wasn't appealing to you three days ago, is now something you HAVE
to have and will go hell for leather to get it.

Needless to say we did purchase something, but it was something we actually
wanted so all worth it.

The big downside to today is the fact I have been really tired, I know we
had a late night last night but I have been tired, and I had a couple of
hours in bed this afternoon but the achiness is still there.

Tomorrow I'm back to work (from home) it won't take me that long to do my
report, but its my routine of normality so something that has to be done.

I also have an order to process for the shop too, which arrived on Xmas
morning, so the post office is open tomorrow so that will be going out
tomorrow too. this is my little ask for today, that
you complete the Infi-knit petition for Macmillan they are presenting the
petition to the government in the form of a knitted scarf, which will be
knitted with your words (its changed to graphics) on screen for you and
knitted into their scarf live on screen.

It takes seconds to do, and is for a worthwhile cause, and I don't ask
people often to help out.

Anyway am off to bed another day tomorrow and am sure we will be popping to
the sales so need all my strength for that.


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