Monday, 20 December 2010

Just one of those days

Today has been another of those days where things have just happened around
me, and in all honesty I have just let it, there has been no plans made for
today at all which for once as been really good.

The one thing that we have done today is pop down to the Village as Peggy
Was doing her Xmas show, She said she would be doing it in aid of Christies
Hospital and would love to see us both.

Neither me or Mark have been to the village since my diagnosis, so it was
odd just popping in to say hello and seeing all those familiar faces. Anyway
we didn't stay very long as my body was aching and we came home for a nice

I would like to go out more, but at the moment my body just wouldn't let me
stand the pace, and I would end up having to leave and I would feel guilty
for spoiling the evening for everyone else.

Well tomorrow is Monday again, and I have my Doctors appointment to discuss
my steroids again, I would presume that they will be taking me off them
again slowly, but I hope this time they will do it more gradually as the
last two times has been murder, so only tomorrow will tell.

Anyway it's been a long day and am off to bed see if I can shake these aches
I have.

Steve x


  1. Hi Steve (and Mark)

    {{BIG HUGS}} to you both x

    Steve, I know it probably doesn't feel like it to you right now, but, you are doing AMAZINGLY well. Your body has gone through an awful lot these past few months and these aches and pains are it's way of adjusting to all that. Hopefully as the days pass you will begin to get your usual energy levels back!

    I know that your courage and strength continue to inspire those around you, others going through a similar journey to yours and all your blog buddies :)

    I notice you said you are on Twitter, what's your username? I shall have to add you!

    Anyway, just a brief note from me to let you know I continue to keep you both in my thoughts and if I don't get back here before next weekend I hope you both have a lovely Christmas.

    Your BT Buddy,

    Natalya x

  2. Hi chicken, Hope you have a good Christmas too.

    My Twitter is _Troubleonline_

    Feeling good at the moment with a number of things so all is good and positive here, just wish the Fatigue would follow lol.

    Steve c