Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I think we need to go shopping

Today has been a bit of a casual day and more normal than its been for a

Michelle and Dave went home this morning, Lawrence was already in work, and
the house appears to be back to normal (although the cats are still paranoid
that there is a dog somewhere....)

We went upto Oldham today to see if the sales there were any better, but
they weren't, so we just picked up my Granny and brought her back to the
house so that she could see the decorations and have dinner.

Was nice to have her around even though she's a little scatty at times if
you listen for long enough you get the idea, she's actually the most clued
up senile person I know. We shouldn't laugh but she does do some of it for
effect and attention.

One thing we do need to look at though in the sales is a new mattress I
think. Neither of us are sleeping as good as we should, so tomorrow I think
we will be off to the bed centre and look at a pocket sprung, memory foam
anti roll together moisture resistant hypoallergenic chiropractic
orthopaedic mattress, or something along those lines anyway, I have
absolutely no idea about buying a mattress I just go and lay down on one, if
it's comfortable that's the one I buy, but Mark has other ideas.

Health wise today the headaches are still staying at bay and am only on one
steroid a day so that's good, I'm going to try and reduce this further next
week as I know I need to come off them sooner rather than later.

My alternative medication routine is still going well and am taking a whole
host of immune-boosting drugs that appear to be helping me, even Mark is
taking a multi vitamin every day to stay healthy. It all appears to be
working as people around me are getting the sniffles and are feeling under
the weather and I appear to be OK.

Anyway am off to bed now so will sign off.

Night all

Steve x

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  1. LOL at you two and your mattress buying, I can't wait to hear what you actually come back with! :)

    Glad the headaches are staying away and the reduction in steroids isn't causing you too much bother this time around :)

    Your BT Buddy,

    Natalya x