Monday, 8 November 2010


Today has been an odd day.

Back to treatment, this afternoon, but it all started this morning.

I just can't focus on anything today, and have done loads of little random
things to try and jolt my mind into something. I don't think it's a side
effect of the treatment, but more of just one of those days where my mind
just isn't where it should be. I had these days before any treatment or
illness so will just put it down to "one of those days"

Today has also been a busy day since going to Christies. Have arranged to
meet with friends this week, have made an appointment for BASIC as we didn't
realise that you cant just pop in you have to make an appointment to see
them, and they are busy so the earliest I can go is the 22nd. This is good
as I was going to pop down there on Friday with my mum.

My treatment today was as it is every day, however it does appear to have
drained me out this evening, and will be going to bed right after Corrie
(Jack leaves so has to be watched as apparently Vera makes an appearance

Tomorrow a friend is coming over to look at a load of costumes that he wants
to take back to Gran Canaria. It will be odd to see them go, but I know they
have to, both for my own sanity and for the space for my new ones when I get
through this. I have already seen a couple of pictures of someone else in
one of my costumes, so it will get easier.

Nothing more to mention today - so will sign off and say see you all


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