Sunday, 3 October 2010

Today is better

Today has been a much nicer day than yesterday. Its been a much more normal
day. After Mark delivering the news to my parent yesterday of my prognosis I
felt like shit and just wanted to end the day as soon as I could.

Today though has been different. Nothing can ever change what has been said
and such but, but I can work towards a positive day.

Today was the first of those positive days, my mum came down to the house
and the three of us went shopping. Today has become my hat day. As I know I
am going to be losing my hair I have decided that I will wear a hat whenever
I need - going out and such so want a range of hats, Mark has even decided
that he is going to make me one, even my brother said he is going to get me
one from his Army camp, I have a funny feeling though that I am going to be
inundated with hats of all kinds.....

Who knows hats may even become my signature item, it works for Boy

The other realisation I had today is that I need to be be positive and that
I need to start living, therefore 4th October 2010 is the first day of the
rest of my life, it sounds corny, but I dont give a shit. The doctors have
said on average I have 12-18 months, but I want to prove them wrong, as much
as I respect them I want to rubish these figures and fight this illness and
give them a whole new set of figures to play with.

Sorry Doc, but on this ocasion I think your wrong, and am going to prove it.

Other positive things today is I actually havent cried today. Its been the
smallest things that set me off but today, because of the good times we have
had I feel good.

I would like to just say a big thanks to the friends that have sent me
messages on Facebook and privately, they really have lifted me and Mark.

Will update on the first day of my life tomorrow. As our website says, hang
on in there its going to be a bumpy ride and lots of action along the way...



  1. As miss vida bohem said in too wong foo, today is going to be a say something hat day, and i know what you pair are like when ya get started so i think those docs have definately got trouble on there hands love yo ya both <3

  2. Great to hear you are feeling more positive Steve! You've definitely got the right attitude!

    In the forward to a book we produced on hope, Henry Friedman a consultant at the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Centre in the USA wrote:

    "Hope provides the patient and their family the strength to continue the battle no matter how unfavourable the odds may appear to be"

    Hang on to hope Steve, I'll be right hear cheering you on and if there is anything I can do to help just drop me an email!

    Your BT Buddy

    Natalya x

  3. That's the spirit Steve, you prove 'em wrong ;-)
    Glad to hear you've had a better day, and I hope you have many more like them.
    Tricia from sunny Millom :-) xxxxxxx

  4. One year on Steve and, although I know how this story ends I still admire your courage and determination, you never gave up and I am incredibly proud of you.