Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Odd Week

Well its only Tuesday but its already been a funny old week.

With the costumes being slowly sold and visits to the post office now
becoming a daily basis. This is making the new normal for me.

This is one thing I am finding strange, my life has changed dramatically, I
used to be all focused around work on a 9 to 5 basis and then my other jobs
around that. It's now completely different, having to fit in a little bit of
work every day for the office, I have treatment to fit into my day, tablets
to take, calls to make for various appointments etc. It's really odd but I
don't know how my old life actually fitted together.

The problem with my treatment and such is my attention span is shorter than
normal and my short term memory is completely shot. I have to wrote lists of
things to do, or put dates in my diary so that I remember things. By having
structure in my day I'm overcoming all these issues.

The other odd thing I have seen this week is the pictures of Jayne, who came
up with her partner at the weekend.

Mark decided to do her with a Drag makeover, and it was odd seeing someone
wearing my costumes, generally I wouldn't share them with anyone else, but
now that they are being sold its no longer an issue, it's still odd though,
and will be more odd when I see pictures of other artists wearing them.

The other odd thing about the weekend is being centric around my medication,
the day now runs around my meds, and I have to take a few... I'm constantly
watching the clock so that I know when to take them, I used to just take a
Paracetomol every so often when needed and then only when I had the time.
Its strange how the structure of my life has changed.

One other thing I have discovered since I have come out of hospital, and
it's not a bad thing really is I have discovered now have a little OCD for
washing my hands, every time I walk through the kitchen, or past the
bathroom i wash my hands, I used to use a lot of the alcohol hand wash in
the office, but I'm now getting progressively worse. It's not something I am
worried about as it's a good thing, but something I must be aware of, have
let other people know too so that they can monitor it around me.

Oh well me and my little OCD are off to be, and I promise to keep a much
more regular update on here, would be interesting to see if after hospital
visits anyone has experienced an OCD coming on? Let me know if you do,

Steve x

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  1. Hi Steve,

    I had been wondering about the sale of your costumes and how that was going. It must be very difficult/strange to see them go, I hope you are at least keeping some of your favourites? And I am really hoping that one of your masks (which will go in the post tomorrow!!) has a fantastic makeover with some of the wonderful bits I have seen you put on facebook!

    You made me chuckle with the OCD post, I think I may be a rebel, but, I got so sick of all my hospital visits and at some point decided I wasn't going to be 'made' to wash my hands whenever they said so...I prefer to walk straight past their little hand gel machines...but, I carry my own (nice smelling) antibacterial hand gel and use that instead...so really I am probably making my work for myself but I sticking to doing things on my terms for now! ;)

    I know that having your world flipped upside down must be terrible difficult for you and Mark, but, from the posts I have read here it seems you are embracing this 'new life' whilst still managing to make sure it doesn't takeover completely and that has to be a good thing.

    Just one more thing (I think), I take a lot of medication too and I struggled to remember to take them when my memory was bad so I bought a pilll reminder watch. It allowed me to put it all the different types of medication, the doses and the times I needed to take them and now, instead of me watching the clock, it just beeps at me every now and again to let me know I need to take some pills. Maybe you could look at getting something like that? Checkout this link for starters http://www.medicaltags.co.uk/pill-alarm-reminder-boxes.html

    I shall leave you in peace now! Hope treatment goes well today and I will check in with you again tomorrow :) In the meantime, you know where I am if you guys need anything :)

    Your BT Buddy

    Natalya :) x