Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Mini update

Well here I am day 4 of my radiotherapy and its the same faces both patients and nurses. This goes some way to adding normality to my life. Hospital is just the new norm.

The other thing is I now walk round the hospital and go to various departments and 1) I know my way around 2) I now am one of the smiling people.

That's the biggest thing about the hospital for me and have probably said it before but everyone smiles. Even the porters delivering the mail smile too. There is a positive vibe about the place, even though the worst ever news anyone can receive is delivered here on a daily basis.

POSITIVITY is all anyone here can have and it shows in all these smiling faces. With a back-up army of love from friends and family either way they all keep smiling.

Will update later as I have to see the doctor shortly for my weekly consultation. Have also had my blood taken too, joy another weekly occurrence.... There is more of my blood in labs round Manchester than there is in me I think. All for my own benefit though so can't complain.

Steve x

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