Thursday, 7 October 2010

Another day over

Well another day of sorting things out is over.

Day two at Christies is over too, and I will be back there again tomorrow.
Not that I knew about it, it wasn't until late this evening that I found out
when I got home I have another MRI scan tomorrow.

I have then got three appointments there on Tuesday of next week for the
various stages of my mask fitting.

I started the fitting today for my mask, which is a longer process than I
thought but was OK. I was very anxious about having the mould made of my
face, but It was actually a strangely relaxing process, kind of like having
a facial or a face mask. If I was left there any longer I would have gone to

After this we went to make an appointment at the Wig fitting room, I know I
am going to be losing my hair so I thought I would make the arrangements
now, as although I do wear my hair short normally, I will be very conscious
that I will be losing it all and I will be left with my scar on the side of
my head from the surgery. At least if I have it here I have the option of
wearing it out or not.

That's the main problem with this whole illness, it takes away a lot of your
choices. By fighting it, and stepping up to the challenge I can achieve
things though and am able to regain these choices, as with the wig.

The picture enclosed is the final part of the mask application, this is the
full mould completed. This is then taken and made into the mask.

Will Update more on tomorrows scan, which as far as I can tell is pretty
much a routine thing,


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