Tuesday, 5 October 2010

5th October 2010

Today has been a good day.

I haven't cried today. I used to have a poster on my wall that said "Laugh
and the whole world laughs with you, Cry and you get wet"

How true. I know some of you will be thinking that crying is all part of
healing process, and am sure your right it probably is, but I don't intend
to do any more, I'm just going to be positive.

Other good news is Mark has found stories of other GBM sufferers who were
also given the same prognosis as myself. There are a couple on there that
have so far lived for over 20, so there is hope for me.

Everyone around me is positive too, which is a real boost.

I also got a phone call from Christies today for the first of my
appointments for my Mask for my Radiotherapy. This is to ensure that when
they are administering the radio waves, it is directed to the exact place
every time. I'm not looking forward to this part of the treatment as I don't
like my face being covered, but sometimes you just have to live with it, and
this is one of those occasions.

So this week I'm at Christies Wednesday for my Oncology appointment and
Thursday for the first of the mask fittings, so a busy week for me.

The other good thing that's happened today is that my office has installed a
Pc in my house. I can actually return to some kind of normality, albeit
working from home. As my sleep patterns are slightly deranged at the moment
I will be able to do a few hours work throughout the day and still feel like
I am involved in the office. Some of you may think I am mad wanting to go
back to but it's the time off that's actually making me ill. That and I just
can't face watching endless chavs on Jeremy Kyle and whatever other
programs. I don't even switch the TV on in the morning.

Anyway am going to sign off as it's been a long day and am actually tired -
even though I did have an almost three hour nap this afternoon.

Till tomorrow



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