Thursday, 7 October 2010

1st Visit to Christies Hospital

Today was the first of many visits for me to the Christies Hospital in

Pretty much a routing visit, I had blood tests done, which have been told
will be a weekly occurrence, and also signed the paperwork to allow my
tumour to be sent to Belgium for testing. They have offered me the
possibility of being put onto a trial Drug, This will be alongside my other

My Tumour has to be tested to see if I fit the profile of the trial, and
they have said that there is a 40% chance that I will fit it. To me this is
still 40% more of a chance than I had yesterday.

Have also started working from home today. There were a few IT issues but
these are now solved, so im back up and running, which is good for me as it
gives me something I can focus on and occupy my time. I will not become an
ill person and sit and watch daytime TV.

Back to the Hospital tomorrow for my first appoitment for my mask to be made
in readyness for my Radiotherapy. I'm not perticulaly looking forward to
this part of the treatment as I dont like my face being covered, but its
something I have to do so will have to put up with it, I will ask if I can
wear my ipod and just zone out - Mark will be with me though so I should be
OK. I have to wear this mask every time I have the Radiotherapy which will
be for 30 sessions (Monday to Friday for 6 weeks)

I Have also been told that I will lose my hair, hence all the hats im
buying. I'm being practical and fun at the same time. I will be losing my
hair in winter so its going to be cold, I dont know how I feel about losing
my hair becaise I wear it short anyway nirmally, but iut now hasnt been cut
for about 2 motnhs and its getting pretty long, and am slowly becoming
attached to it. Having the choice removed will be the hardest part, but in
saying this I have said as soon as it starts to fall out because of the
treatment, I will be shaving it off (or Mark will at least).

Well am going to sign off now and say a quick thanks to all the people that
have sent me positive messages both on Facebook and email etc. It really
does mean a lot to me and its these positive things that are keeping me

Steve x

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