Thursday, 20 August 2009

Weekly update

Well here it is, time for your weekly update. It's almost the weekend again, wooo hoo!

Tonight we have DJ CJ back with Deal or No Deal, your chance to win £250! Last weeks winner Dave P won £10, not bad but it means there's still £250 there to be won - in addition to that we have Karaoke too with thousands of tracks to choose from get yourself down to The Crown and get the weekend started!

On Friday Bobbie Dazzler will be flying solo, Miss Whiplash has some community service thing to do, maybe it's a community servicing thing, whatever it is she wont be there, she will probably whipping some sex slaves in a dungeon somewhere or scaring small children - who knows? Come and party with your favourite glamourpuss Aunty Bobbie, she's looking forward to it, she's preparing now with a bucket of malteasers and some M&M's, well she has to keep her strength up!

On Saturday we'll unleash the beast, yep, Ms whiplash will be back and making up for lost time with some fierce tunes and a belting night, Aunty Bobbie will be there too though to make sure the party has a touch of class!

Sunday is Sunday Service, your day your way, whatever music you want you've got it. Our naughty quiz at 8.30 plus a special treat..... but come in to see what it is!

Remember our food is served 12-7 daily, fresh home cooked food at prices you cant beat, meals for just a QUID!!! Not stingy skimpy portions either, decent meals at unbeatable prices... can you cook at home for a Quid? Come on down and give it a whirl, even if you've had lunch, come and try our desserts, yummy scrummy desserts with a nice cuppa or your favourite tipple - you decide!

Before I go though there is one thing I wanted to ask for.... Friday is my costume changeover day. I have a costume for this week (Whiplash wont be happy) but what to wear next week? Bring me in a costume on or before a Thursday and I'll wear it for a whole week, whatever it is - you decide, you can have it back after the week but at least then your costume has been worn by an (almost) celebrity!

So far only the gorgeous Matthew De Le Creme Egg has brought me a costume :( It was a lovely costume and everyone loved it but his knickers were a bit big for me! Come on, I could wear your sexy PVC nurse outfit or even your hunky rugby kit - you decide!

Well see you soon hunnies!

Bob xXx
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