Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Another quick update...

Well good morning/afternoon/evening/middle of the night (Please delete as appropriate)

Things at Trouble Towers are going mad at the moment with lots of things going on but I have finally found a few quiet moments to update the Trouble Blog.

As usual we we're at The Crown (www.gaycrown.com) all weekend where we had a great party weekend as we usually do. Friday kicked the weekend off with the camp frivolities with me and Miss Dazzler.

Saturday saw our return to the Crown Stage and we we're joined by the great Madonna

Everyone at the Crown enjoyed her show and Stephen from behind the bar had a great time dancing with her on stage, although I don't think he enjoyed singing with her that much) after she had left the madness continued well into the small hours before we finally admitted defeat and kicked the last few die hard drinkers out, before we jumped back into the Tranny Wagon and headed back to Manchester.

We got into bed at some ungodly hour and then proceeded to get right back out again (or that’s what it felt like) and headed back to Southport for our Sunday shift. I like working on a Sunday as you get to see us both in disguise (we come dressed rather oddly as boys!!) so if your around on a Sunday come along and say hello.

Bobbie has almost finished decorating the gents toilets (now renamed the Boys Powder Room) and will be moving onto the Ladies next week. With a similar effect, it's all gone theatrical with music scores and pictures of Burlesque dancers, you will have to go and spend a penny to find out what’s been done. Other news is we have Betty Sparkle making not just one but two appearances at the Crown in the next few weeks.

Her first appearance will be on the 29th August which is part of our WKD weekend she will be taking the controls of our Saturday night whilst we're away in Wales at another function. Then again on the 5th September she’s heading back from Chester to entertain you all again with her unique style. I'm sure you will all make her very welcome.

On the 30th August it's Bob’s Birthday so we're having a full weekend dedicated to the passing of his youth. For those that don't know who Bob Atthecrown is then you should look him up on facebook, as he’s turning into a celebrity in his own right, and has now got friends afar afield as the States and Australia, there is even a Lord in there too, so good enough excuse for you all to be friends….

Anyhow loads going on at The Crown over the next couple of month's so keep checking facebook and www.GayCrown.com out. We're currently just putting the finishing touches to our NYE so all will be announced soon. (tickets will be available for £2 soon behind the bar and includes a night of cabaret and champers at midnight)

Till Next Time

Whiplash x

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