Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Fuzzy Focus

Well here I am again sat at my computer with fuzzy eyes! By fuzzy I mean I am struggling focussing, I don't need glasses etc as I has 6/5 in my eye test, don't know what it means but apparently it means I don't need glasses! I think it's that "too early in the morning to focus" syndrome. I'm now on to my second cuppa so hopefully that'll perk me up a bit.

What I really find odd is that I feel more tired today than on a normal Wednesday and that's after having a 4 day weekend! Yes we did work all weekend but we stopped in bed late in the mornings, maybe I'm just getting old, although I thought older people needed less sleep – in which case it means I must be very young!

I'm trying to think what we actually did on the weekend apart from work, and, to be honest there was very little other than work. We did manage to photograph some of the new gowns for they look lovely but al always when photographing sequin the flash flares off the sequin but it's difficult to get enough light to be able to not use flash, still I think we did a decent job of it. They've not been added to the site yet, that'll realistically not get done till the weekend as we have so much on this week that it will be difficult to fit the time in.

We have a trip planned next week to Wales, I'd loke to say purely social but I know already we have an afternoon of "feather purchasing" to do, there's a supplier there of lovely peacock feathers so we will no doubt be buying a load ready for the head dresses we are having made for which incidentally we will be collecting from the costumier on Friday! Woo hoo! Pics will soon be uploaded to so you too can see how wonderful they look.

Well I think it's time I signed off, the 3rd brew of the day has also now been consumed so it's time to do some work! Until next time.....    

Bobbie D xXx

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