Saturday, 7 July 2012

A different Mark

Well I've not blogged for a bit. No real reason other than theres nothing significant to report. Yes there have been a few things that have appeared significant at the time but none worthy of a blog entry right now. Things at home are going OK. We're finally changing estate agents as those we had appeared to be doing nothing to market the property despite a fall in asking price of £45,000!!!

On reflection though I think my blog may now evolve and take on a new persona. It's changed a few times over the years. It started in the early days as a networking and advertising tool for 'Trouble', blogging then was still seen as a hugely effective way of generating interest in your business. I wasn't convinced but, to be honest I don't think either of us really understood what, where and why we were writing a blog. Back then both Steve and I would write posts and they were almost always about where we were performing or what new stuff we had to sell.

When Steve got I'll it seemed an obvious way of keeping friends and family up to date with treatments and what we were doing without having to make or receive lots of calls which were of course nice and well meaning but sometimes it was just difficult to be polite and keep giving the same updates over again. The blog meant out conversations with friends were less about treatment regimes as they had read about those and more about us, the people behind the cancer.

When Steve died it seemed natural to continue. The friend reading knew me as well as Steve so it was a no brainer. I struggled with being sociable so being able to give an update was great, friends understood more about me and where I was at.

As time has gone on I feel I wallow less in self pity or the shadow of Steves passing and I have started to reflect how my life has continued to improve and how I have been able to turn a negative an difficult time around and use it to see a new and exciting future full of hope and joy.

My new relationship and some of the feelings, thoughts and emotions it had brought have found their way to my blog. This isn't a bad thing as really by reading my blog you have witnessed my re-birth, the dawn of my new life. I don't want to appear to be a religious nut, I'm far from that but, you are now reading the blog of a different mark (incidentally if you are on twitter my user name is @adifferentmark ). This new me surprises me too sometimes with his thoughts and feelings but I am enjoying learning about him, I hope you are too.

I don't know where my blog will take me from here. I do hope to dwell less on the minutiae of my life and more about those things that make me happy and sad, those that make me laugh or fire me up with anger or just those things that make me sit and ponder for a while. Whatever it brings I am hope you enjoy reading.

In the meantime I hope you're enjoying your weekend and I hope to write soon


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