Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I missed a bit...

I realised after I posted my blog yesterday that I had missed a whole chunk of weekend off my blog.

On Saturday I needed to pop out to deliver an eBay order.  There was a delay smit was easiest.  After that I drove for a while with no purpose.  Quite extravagant really given the price of fuel these days.  We stopped for a late breakfast then headed off to a stately home, Dunham Massey.  We didn't actually bother viewing the inside of the house we just wandered through the grounds.  It was lovely, there were ducks, deer and rabbits all around us.  

We got a posh ice cream and wandered back to the car then headed home.  Oddly we were both tired so after an afternoon snooze we relaxed for the rest of the night together.

On Sunday I decided to take Jonathan out for a few hours.  That sounds like he is an old lady in a home somewhere but basically I didn't tell him where I was taking him.  We headed off to Southport.  Not for any other reason than it is at the coast and it was a sunny day so sea air and British sunshine was the aim of the game.  

That being said, Steve and I were regularly in Southport when we had a pub there but we never visited there socially apart from attending a friends wedding one weekend.  

It was a lovely day, the sun was glorious! We walked along the pier and ate hot donuts!  The pier was very long, I don't know how long but it was a long walk.  We then went for a beer and following that decided to go for chips!  This, to those outside the UK may not seem exciting but this is TYPICAL British seaside!  Then, after that, in a sort of "double jeopardy" game we decided to go for ice cream! Fortunately we were not sick but it could have been disastrous! The picture below is of us at Southport.  If I wasn't posting from my iPad I would have linked on Wiki to tell you more about Southport but there's limited functionality so you'll have to Google it.

Sunday evening was spent chilling out.  On Monday morning we were up and out early.  We skipped breakfast and went for a long walk along the canal.  It was fresh, very sunny but not warm but this was fine.  We walked and chatted for ages, I just enjoy spending time with Jonathan.

We then headed home and had a light brunch before heading out to a friend's house for a late lunch.  It was lovely, it was a chance for Jonathan to meet more friends, properly, instead of a fleeting introduction.

After we left there we called to see some other friends before heading home before another relaxing night in.  

Yesterday we Spent most of the day out and about with Jonathan's dad.  We went for lunch with him and then pottered about a little.  The afternoon and evening was relaxed but I did manage to iron our clothes for London today.  This was after Jonathan's protest that I was preparing far to early.  It amuses me that Jonathan see's getting clothes ready and deciding what to wear as fussing whereas if he is filming then we will check and re-check every detail and that is OK.  It makes me smile.

 I can already see that our holiday prep will be "fun", I might just pack for him and tell him I've sorted it.  I'd love to be able to just go out and buy everything he needs and pack it all.  It would save a lot of stress.  I suppose it's just one of those things I find endearing about him.... for now at least!

Well right now Jon and I are en-route to London.  We got in to Manchester early so decided to go to the pub, a few drinks later and we got to the station just in time for our train.  We have reserved seats but have the misfortune to be sat next to some irritating people.  They were amusingly annoying for the first hour but as we enter the second hour they are starting to get right on my tits!  Fortunately there is only another 60 minutes of this journey left! 

Tonight we are meeting friends of Jonathan, it will be an interesting night I am sure.  Not least because his friend only learned a few days ago that Jon had split with his ex and is now with me... (a "big ginger cub" as I overheard him referring to me as - its a gay thing...)!

Well I am signing off for now but will ry and update in the next few days.

Xx M xX

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  1. Hi mark I used to follow your blog when Steve was unwell. I lost my sister to a brain tumour. Anyway today I thought I would call in and see how you were doing. I am so happy for you and Jonathan :) I love the photo of you both. I just wanted to say I wish you both all the happiness in the world. I'm sure Steve would approve and be proud of you and the way you have coped with everything.
    Life is too short to not find happiness and anyone who doesn't understand has not watched someone they love suffer brain cancer.
    Take care
    Love sally xxx