Saturday, 21 January 2012

like a bus, you wait for ages then two come at once!!!

well what a busy day it's been. I am exhausted now but I have had a lovely day and am back to thinking being single isn't all that bad. I still hate why I am single but I am getting used to it.

My train into London was early by a few minutes so my faith in rail travel has been restored. Virgin Trains seem to have a better handle on things than trans pennine, just a shame they don't operate more routes!

When I got to london I had a wander around and walked to the Canal Museum. I was there for 9.15 and it didn't open until 10.00 so I made my way back through Camden and on to Piccadilly. I took in some of the sights and shops along the way but I also made a decision on the show I was going to see.

I saw Wicked, it was brilliant! I was a little apprehensive as Steve and I used to perform one of the numbers in the show and the other is the soundtrack to a memorial slideshow a friend did but, tears aside, it was great. It made me laugh and made me cry but all for the right reasons. Steve would have loved it and having him with me, in person, would have been the only thing to make it better.

I walked across London to the theatre but stopped in Leicester Square and also taking time to wander around Covent Garden too. Steve and I had seen one of the street entertainers a while ago, his act hadn't changed!

After the show I walked back across London to the train and am now on the train on my way home. I am completely shattered but it's been worth it, a nice day out with myself!

Till next time...

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