Saturday, 13 August 2011

How can it be...?

How Can it Be?

In a world so big
how can it be that one person
can be missed so much

So many memories to cherish
but how can it be
that thinking of them hurts too much

Though the days are bright and the skies are blue
how can it be
that the sun just doesn't shine any more

The sun doesn't shine
because you are gone,
gone but not forgotten

Never to see you smile again
to touch your face or hold your hand.
How can it be?

You are in my dreams
and I talk to you,
but how can that be enough

Every night I look
for the brightest star in the sky
and wonder is that you

They say it was your time to go
but how can it be
that someone needed you more than we do

One day the hurt may fade
one day the tears may stop,
but not today.

You were more than just a Husband
you were a friend, an inspiration, a hero.
So how can it be you are gone

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