Friday, 15 July 2011

Told ya so...

Well,that's what I would be saying if Steve was here now.  We had a few debates in recent months and tonight I have been proved right on at least one of those points.  It's a shame, I didn't want to be right but unfortunately I am.

Anyway I am not going to dwell on that I have other worries at the moment, I am not going to rant about those here either but I will tell you I have spent over an hour this afternoon on my hands and knees trying to sort the printer which is under the desk. 

Steve loved gadgets, he always wasted money on them and this was another such waste of money.  He wanted a printer to print A3 size, so we could produce our own posters.  Yeah great!  We have never once printed on A3!  It's wireless so he could print these posters from anywhere in the house.  This is fine until the power goes off, the router re-sets and the PC cant "see" the printer.

I used to be able to ask Steve to fix it, now I cant and I don't have a clue!  there isn't just a wire I can plug in to my computer so I just had to spend ages trying to sort it.  The same happened a few days ago and I don't know what I did but it was faxed pretty quickly.  Today was a different story.  I got there in the end though.

I have had another busy day sorting stuff out, doing stuff for Steve or on his behalf again so it has been nice just to spend time alone with my thoughts and in silence.

I'm still getting stressed very quickly, I guess it is a grief thing but one of the speakers yesterday said, "where's the fun in your week?"  Right now I don't have any but his point was we all need things to look forward to doing on a positive note, be that a walk in the park or a coffee with a friend.  I need to get something sorted.  I guess I will soon.

Well I could rant more and more as usual but I wont tonight.  I am heading to bed.  there is so much stuff swimming around in my head and it is getting me more and more stressed so the sooner I  go to bed the sooner I wake up and it's a new day.  If I don't wake up I get to see Steve, I suppose there's pro's and con's to both.

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