Friday, 27 May 2011


Well today was my last day in work as I'm off to Crick tomorrow to the Boat

I have been in the office today and managed to get loads done, I'm seeing
this as my return back to work slowly but surely.

Have had a really busy day on eBay so tomorrow morning will be a trek down
to the post office with all the sales.

My headache managed to stay at bay until about 12m today and then I had to
admit defeat and take some painkillers. Saying that it wasn't till after
10pm this evening when I had to take some more though, so all going good.

Ave been told of a natural replacement for my steroids as well today so am
going to investigate that, as apparently it doesn't have the same negative
side effects, so worth a try, will get all the info together and then
discuss it with the Oncologist next week.

This evening we have been packing our stuff ready for tomorrow, it takes so
much stuff just to go camping, sleeping bags, tent pegs, kettles and such.

Anyway am really tired and have loads to do tomorrow so will be heading off
to bed now and will update tomorrow.

I will also try and update over the weekend with pictures of us in our
wellies that also arrived today, it's all change here and its all change for
the good.

Till tomorrow

Steve x

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