Sunday, 27 February 2011


Well were finally back home, and what an amazing day we have had, not just
one show but two.

This afternoon we watched Soap - A story of seven baths. It was a mix of
contemporary dance, baths, semi naked boys and girls, comedy, opera,
acrobatics and lots of water. Very random but very good.

We then went for dinner - Traditional Blackpool feyer, Fish and Chips

It was then time to wander shortly and have a drink before moving onto the
Grand theatre in time for The Crack.

The Crack is a traditional variety show with a little bit of a twist. The
acts were all a little bit random, but I can honestly say I haven't laughed
that much for a number of months, and laughter really is a good cure. I
completely forgot about my sore neck, as now my sides and face ache with
laughing so much.

The tickets were for Geoff's birthday but the four of us enjoyed it
immensely, was nice to be out for the day with them too.

All this and I was on the radio this morning too. The radio interview I
recorded earlier in the month for Gaydio was played this morning. I have had
many comments through the day of people that were listening and all has been

All in all its been a good day, and was something I think I needed just to
blow the cobwebs away, the radio interview got things off my chest too.

They say that laughter is a real treatment - and I'm prescribing laughter
for you all, I won't even charge you a prescription fee. Go out and laugh at
something till you hurt, till your face aches, till you cry - just don't wet
yourself as that's only funny for everyone else. You will feel so much
better for it.

Steve x

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