Saturday, 18 December 2010

Snow and Panic buying

Well the snow is finally here, and from the look of it, its planning to
stay. We've had about 5" since 7pm and its still going, so a white Christmas
is well and truly on the cards.

As a precaution and I'm a Drama Queen, we thought we would pop out to Asda
to get the essentials, Tea coffee bread etc. The amount of stock they are
putting out is amazing, and am glad we don't plan on going there tomorrow as
I'm sure it's going to be bedlam. We managed to get all the stuff we needed
for essentials but still not got anything for Christmas day, so at the
moment were on beans on toast and a chunk of Brie.

On a me side, I'm not feeling to bad now, although am still tired, I did
have an hour's nap this afternoon though and it did make me feel a little

As for tomorrow I plan to do very little. Just relax with Mark, maybe veg in
the lounge and watch cheesy American Christmas movies. I have enough green
tea to sink a battle ship so am OK on that score. The green tea although it
still tastes pants am getting used to it now, and am on a variety so it
keeps me going. If its supposedly helping then I'm willing to give it a go,
and I have noticed that it is forcing a lot of junk out of my body (won't
tell you how I know I just do)

Hopefully the last of the xmas presents and such will arrive, although with
this weather I doubt it, isn't it mad how I can order something from the I
UK and it doesn't arrive yet something from China a few days later and it
arrives, the supplier in the UK has said its because of the weather
conditions, so do the Chinese have different weather in the UK then that
allows their mail through???

Am off to bed now to snuggle up with the old fella, and will wake tomorrow
with an even thicker blanket of snow

Till then snow watchers, don't go out unless you have too.

Steve x

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