Sunday, 5 December 2010


Well what a confusing couple of days it’s been.
Friday and Saturday were the first days I haven’t taken any medication, and I was expecting to have a slight headache as a result like I said in the last post. I’m on a slight comedown from the Steroids. I wasn’t expecting the headaches to be as bad as they have been, so I have taken another steroid t tide me over and will speak to the doctor on Monday morning.
However I have found that it’s not actually the steroids that are causing me all the problems (although they are part of it)
A number of days ago I gave up drinking tea (the PG Tips kind) and have reverted over to Green Tea, which contains no caffeine at all.
Whilst I have been off work my consumption of tea has rocketed dramatically and I have been drinking almost 10+ cups a day. I then drop all this in one day, o go to caffeine free.
Therefore whilst I have been suffering from withdrawal symptoms of the Steroids and added to this I then go Caffeine cold turkey, I was thinking about this in the car this evening and soon as I got to where we were going and had a pint of coke I started to feel a lot better. A few more cokes and my headache started to lift.
Therefore I’m going to try and come off the steroids first then work on the caffeine but will still be drinking the Green Tea as well.
Other things this weekend, Mark has started to wrap the Christmas present whilst I had a a sleep, yesterday was the first day that I actually felt rotten. I was just so tired, I felt ill and my head was aching like mad, it felt like someone was trying to force my brains out through my eye sockets – now I know why.
Jayne and Ray are still here and they leave tomorrow morning, when I start my week with my new routine, no drugs and no hospital.
Tomorrow I also start my Yoga classes at BASIC.
This is an attempt to stretch my muscles which benefits my fatigue and also help me to relax more.
Will update tomorrow when I am more relaxed and stretched.

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  1. {{BIG HUGS}} sorry to hear about the headaches and the rough couple of days you have had :( Sounds like you are now on top of the reasons why you're having the headaches though which is good.

    I know you mentioned you had been told this but I will say it again anyway, the few weeks after the end of radiotherapy can have you feeling worse than when you were actually on treatment. This is just your brain dealing with all that has been thrown it's way and with the help of the steroids and a bit of time it will eventually calm down. Fingers crossed that is soon :) You have the right idea about asking your doctor too, I'm sure they will reassure you that you are doing all the right things :)

    Really hope that the yoga class goes well and that you get to spend a bit of time working out your new routine :)

    Your BT Buddy,

    Natalya x

    P.S. The videos are just brilliant!