Friday, 24 December 2010

Exmas Eve

Well that's it, its tomorrow, the big day when we spend hours looking at
presents that our friends have lovingly picked for us...

This evening has been spent with My mum and dad, Mark's mum and dad and Nick
and Geoff. It was nice just to be around and watch the weather on TV, at
least we don't have to go out tomorrow though....

Tomorrow is going to be a slow start I think, and then it's going to be
mayhem all day, as there is going to be 2 lots of mums 2 lots of dads, me
and Mark two cats and a dog.....

Anyway am tired now so am going to head off, that and Father Christmas wont
come if I don't go to sleep.

Till the big day tomorrow

Little Tired Elf Steve

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