Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Trouble Update

Well what a week it has been and it's only Tuesday!


After our decision was publicly Aired at The Crown, that we we're leaving, there has been a little media storm brewing (who would have thought that we could cause a media storm..)


The website (www.troubleonline.co.uk) went down temporarily due to the vast amount of hits that we we're receiving and the facebook pages we're the hot place to be with people leaving comments.


The reaction was taken with a little bit of shock and sadness, which for us as people and performers (yes I know performers are people too) it was rather touching, time will tell if I Blub my mascara off on Halloween at our last show in Southport…


Moving away from the Crown. Bookings are coming in thick and fast for various venues and functions around the country. And we have sorted out our New Years Eve party at a venue in Manchester City centre (details to follow) The guys at www.Aplusevents.co.uk are certainly keeping us busy.


Oh well, time waits for no man and I'm in a rush as usual with a mountain of things to do, so will sign off but will try and update again in the next few days.


Whiplash x x

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