Thursday, 30 July 2009

Time to catch up...

Well it seems like ages since I last wrote and it probably is.  A lot has happened since I wrote last but I think the biggest and most important thing (to us anyway) is that we are now part ownners in a bar.  The Crown, Southport is now a joint venture between Whiplash and I and the existing owners Charlie & Lynne.  You can find out more about it at and hit the “news” button.  We’re really happy with how it’s worked out there, it’s Southport’s only real gay bar and we always have a nice crowd in, all up for a laugh and out to enjoy themselves so it really is a fun atmosphere.


Apart from that there isn’t a lot of other news, that has really consumed all our spare time over the past few weeks.  We’re performing there Fridays and Saturdays and are there on Sundays too, in fact we spend more time there than at home at the moment.


We’re still working on and also on they both fit in nicely with The Crown and we will be looking to take all our ventures forward over the coming months.  At The Crown we’ve got a new kitchen being fitted so we can start offering food in a few weeks, our Menu is printed and there are some really fantastic offers on there, not fancy A La Carte food just good honest pub grub at unbeatable prices.  The kitchen will be open 12-5 daily  which will then give us time to clean down before the evening parties begin.


The lineup for the week includes Karaoke and Deal or No Deal on a Thursday with your chance to win £250!  It’s a great prize but 3 weeks in to it and nobody has won the big money yet…. Why not come down and try your luck, it could be you!


Next month (August) we have loads of new fun games and cabaret planned PLUS we have a WKD Weekend planned for August Bank Holiday, Sunday 30th will be a fab day with 3 different drag shows throughout the day and plenty of fun and games plus give-aways including free shots!  It’s Bob’s 21st Birthday too, if you’ve not met Bob then come on down and say hi, he doesn’t say much and is usually stood on the stage but he see’s everything and likes to join in the fun!


Well there’s not a lot of other news, need to go as I have costumes to plan for the weekend and routines to learn but we hope to see you there soon!


TTFN, Bobbie D x

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