Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Another day Another Dollar

Well as another day unfolds it gets me thinking about the weekend and what we have in store.

Fast forward a few hours and here I am almost finished in my day job and ready to start working on Trouble

Things in the office today have been hectic, I have been running back and forth between our two offices and to the post office all day – It's lovely and sunny so I don't happen to mind, and besides which the sun brings out the special in people…

I had to drop a package off at another office close to us (very swish office lots of money) and the receptionist didn't see me stood behind the glass door – She didn't see me because she was sat on her chair spinning round and round, she was a little embarrassed when she finally saw me pushing the door entry buzzer – it's days like this I wished I was a courier…

When I finally got back to our office there was another woman stood in front of the automatic slide doors just stood there waiting for them to open. They don't open automatically you have to have a key fob…

Still funny to watch though.

And now am at my desk with a list as long as a long thing to do and one of my team mates has just made a cuppa so all is well.

This evening will mostly be spent completing the draft script for Trouble Cooking our new TV program that we're working on in collaboration with GTenTelevision if you want to check out further details.

I also have to set up the new Trouble Fax Machine. The Trouble Office has got more technology than you can imagine, and we're all wifi and data compatible with the world (except the Wii I just can't get that to go onto the net for some odd reason….

So there you have it.

I finished my tea break and so back to work.

No doubt I will update later..


Whiplash x


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